From the desk of Ronald R. Gilliam
A native Southern Californian, I grew up in North Hollywood, within pistol earshot of a major Western movies studio. I managed to graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles in the normal four years despite three changes of major 
(engineering, anthropology, international relations, geography) and the requirements of the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps. After Korean service as a Marine infantry platoon leader and regimental intelligence officer, I returned to UCLA where I took an MA in Geography and spent a year at the University of Bonn's Geografisches Institut (both thanks to the GI Bill). My formal education initially steered me into the CIA, but earlier exposure to the RAND Corp. introduced me to military operations research. This led to a rewarding career in the aerospace/defense industry and living and/or travelling in California, the Washington DC area, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East. During ten years in (early) retirement - in Mexico - I "retreaded" myself once again for non-fiction writing, mainly on Mexican travel and history, aviation and military history (for a sample, click on "Publications," above). I currently reside in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my textile-artist second wife, keeping in touch (mostly via the Internet) with my three daughters in Florida and California and with friends from several places where I've lived.
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